Christmas in Port Stephens at The Rock Church



7pm - 8:30pm

Make Christmas Eve your new family tradition with sing-a-long Christmas Carols, spectacular musical performances, a journey through the Christmas story, and a candlelight experience. Perfect for you and the whole family!

Fantastic Music

Christmas Carols

The Christmas Story

Enjoyable for the whole family!

Click one of the videos below for a little sneak peak of what to expect:

Christmas Eve FAQs

Our Christmas Eve service duration is about an hour and a half. Don’t worry, we won’t be standing for the entire service!

Our regular Rock Kids program will not be running during our Christmas Eve service. However, there will be sing-a-long carols scattered all throughout the service and a candlelit moment that will keep the kids entertained all night.

We are unable to have carols by candlelight for the entire night but we will have a candlelit moment in our service. Candles will be provided for you!

Our Christmas Eve service starts at 7pm, but we invite you to arrive a few minutes early to check-in for COVID purposes and to meet some of our people!

Our dress code is black tie optional. Just kidding.

We care more about you than what you’re wearing. Feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing, whether that’s a suit or shorts. The only thing that may be questionable would be socks and thongs… No one wears socks and thongs.

As our carpark will be the location of our Christmas Eve service the best place to park is in the school carpark behind our building.

We can't wait to meet you this Christmas!

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