Connect Group Resources

All you need to start or join a Connect Group from home.

Connection can still happen in Isolation.

We find life happens in circles. Circles are hard during this season of isolation, but they’re not impossible. Here’s a bunch of resources to help you organise or be a part of a Connect Group (or just a catch up with friends).

The greatest resource we have is Zoom; a conferencing software that allows you to video chat with any group of people. Our Connect Groups are now meeting via Zoom and so can you! Learn how below (plus, find a bunch or other great resources below).


Zoom is a temporary alternative to meeting in person. Host up to 100 people on a video call and catch up in person without being together in person! This is a free software but is limited to 40 minute calls (it’s alright you can just leave and rejoin!) Here’s how you can use Zoom:

How To Use Zoom

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you can download the Zoom app (links below). Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link.

Each meeting has a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number called a meeting ID that will be required to join a Zoom meeting. You can generate this by creating a meeting or by getting it from the host.

Group Resources

A great Small Group resource from Life Church with a range of offering from series & devotionals to training.

Perfect for:
1. If you want to watch and talk about a series with your group.
2. You need some help with HOW to lead a group.

Similar to Open Network this resource has articles on how to lead a group and a range of series and content you can use in a group.

Perfect for:
1. Training on how to lead a group.
2. Free group content.

A blog with helpful articles about how to lead people & how to navigate leading a group well.

Perfect for:
1. Learning how to lead during this season.
2. Short group tips & tricks.

For Kids

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More Resources