Connect Groups have a simple purpose:

To bring people together.

God created us to live in genuine relationship with others, and only in the context of community can we experience the full life He intends for us. That community is found in Connect Groups. Connect Groups are groups of people who are building relationship with each other and helping one another to take their next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s where real friendships are developed, a place where you can find freedom to grow in God, and a place to outwork the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We seek genuine relationships and love & honour all people to nurture belonging.


The way the connect group runs on a week to week basis can be as individual as the leader and their members. We want people to gather together based on things they enjoy and that are important to them. The groups can be gathered around hobbies, sports, skills, demographic, area of Biblical study, food, or anything really. Some of our groups are hosted in homes with food and curriculum while others are groups who meet at different places each time for a social.


Most of our Connect Groups run alongside school terms, with four terms throughout the year. Some are fortnightly, others are weekly and all run on different days at different times. The best way to join a Connect is to firstly attend one of our church services and get to know us with a free cuppa after the service, contact us, or ask another church member.

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We seek genuine relationships and love & honour all people to nurture belonging.