The Isolation Survival Kit you need to fight boredom this season!

Social-isolation doesn’t have to equal boredom.

We have pulled together a range of different resources for you to check out during this season so that you can fight off boredom AND continue to grow your faith.

The resources we have chosen are to encourage and grow your faith during a time where it will be easy to shrink back. If you have any suggested resources please just let us know and we will add it to this page!

Spotify Playlists

A range of playlists on Spotify. Worship does not have to be limited to a church service, put on one of these playlists and have some personal worship time in the isolation of your home! (No one’s around to hear your terrible singing)


Listen to some of the greatest communicators & pastors in the comfort of your home.

Life Church with Craig Groeschel

The weekly podcast from one of America’s biggest churches.

Elevation Church

The weekly podcast from Steven Furtick, one of the best communicators around.

Transformation Church

Listen to the preacher for some passionate, convicting messages!

Michael Jr. Off The Cuff

You’re guaranteed to LAUGH in this one. A great comedian.


For those of you who enjoy reading, here are some great blogs to fill your spare time!

Dossier Blog

By our very own Emily Connett! Get inspiration and tutorials for DIY home decor, plus tips for indoor plants.

Karolina Gunsser

A blog by a Citipointe, INC pastor on living a life strong and by conviction.

The Gospel Coalition

A blog that exists to equip the next generation of believers to shape life and ministry around the gospel.

The Bible Project

A great resource for studying through the Bible.


Some of our favourite books are listed here. Order them on Amazon and they’ll arrive within the week. Otherwise, you can find these as audiobooks on Audible.


by G.K Chesterton

Mere Christianity

by C.S Lewis

Imagine Heaven

by John Burke

The Rock Church Book List

An Amazon list of some great books!


Here’s a few of our favourite devotionals at the moment. Download the free bible app and click the links below.

Anxious For Nothing

What if there’s a better way to fight the endless worries that keep you up at night?

Dangerous Prayers

Following Jesus was never meant to be safe we dare you to pray dangerously.


A good old-fashioned journey through Mark.

More Reading Plans

Here’s some more devotionals…


A list of some other resources.

The Bible Project – Youtube

By our very own Emily Connett! Get inspiration and tutorials for DIY home decor, plus tips for indoor plants.

The Bible Project – Courses

Free online graduate-level courses from BibleProject