Some of our favourite resources to help you connect with Christ and grow in your faith!

We take faith personally.

We want to grow in faith and connect with Christ whether that’s for the first of hundredth time. Faith is a life-long journey and we can partner with thousands upon thousands of authors, musicians, theologians, teachers, pastors, and Christians from all points of history through resources like the ones below!

The resources we have chosen are to encourage and grow your faith. If you have any suggested resources please just let us know and we will add it to this page!

First Steps

First Steps is our foundational course for faith. Whether you’re a new believer or just wanting a refresher this course will benefit you and help you connect to Christ in a fresh way. The studies in this course are designed to help you to begin your new life with God by teaching you the basics concepts of building a relationship with God, since relationship is what we were created for!

Download the First Steps booklet and use it to follow the First Steps videos. Click the button below to be taken to the First Steps course.

Playlists & Podcasts

Worship your heart out to these playlists at home (no one’s around to hear your terrible singing!) or listen to some of the greatest communicators & pastors from the comfort of your home. Worship or teaching doesn’t have to be limited to a Sunday!

Life Church with Craig Groeschel

The weekly podcast from one of America’s biggest churches.

Michael Jr. Off The Cuff

You’re guaranteed to LAUGH in this one. A great comedian.

Blogs & Books

For those of you who enjoy reading, here are some great blogs & some of our favourite books to fill your spare time!

Karolina Gunsser

A blog by a Citipointe, INC pastor on living a life strong and by conviction.

The Gospel Coalition

A blog that exists to equip the next generation of believers to shape life and ministry around the gospel.

Mere Christianity

by C.S Lewis

The Rock Church Book List

An Amazon list of some great books!


Here’s a few of our favourite devotionals at the moment. Download the free bible app and click the links below.

Dangerous Prayers

Following Jesus was never meant to be safe we dare you to pray dangerously.


A good old-fashioned journey through Mark.

More Reading Plans

Here’s some more devotionals…

The Bible Project – Youtube

Not really a devotional but incredible teaching videos on a variety of Biblical topics.